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Firm Values & Behaviors

Our beliefs are the cornerstones in which we have built this great company.  

As talent acquisition search consultants, the advice we offer and the solutions we provide can have a significant impact on the businesses, careers, and lives of others.

This is a responsibility we do not take lightly.  We adhere to a code of professional ethics with a focus on long-term relationships forged with our clients, candidates, and colleagues.  The following shared values will help us to be trusted partners and accomplish our mission and goals:

  • Seek to understand and learn our clients business
  • Represent clients with honesty and integrity
  • Respect candidates in every interaction
  • Establish a balanced perspective between diversity and quality
  • Work collaboratively, not competitively
  • Always exhibit a sense of urgency
  • Stay positively focused and result-oriented
  • Create and maintain an enjoyable work environment - have fun!


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