{candidate promise}

to our CANDIDATES...

We promise to:

...be honest in our approach in helping you find your next position.  We will help you throughout the process, marketing your skills the best way possible, guiding you through interviews, and giving you our best advice.

... work to the highest standards to ensure that we have the latest information on the job and the organization, so you can feel confident throughout the interview process.

...be committed to providing you both positive and constructive feedback on interviews, potential job opportunities, and the steps you should be taking for your next career move.

...maintain discretion if we have to contact you at work and unlike some companies, we will only submit your resume to a client with your knowledge and agreement.

...respect the fact that for you, making a career move is one of the most important decision you may face, and that we will maintain a professional and courteous manner, no matter what that decision may be.



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