{colleague promise}

to our COLLEAGUES...

To our valued associates, we promise to:

  • Cultivate a challenging and dynamic work environment
  • Communicate expectations clearly and regularly
  • Reward and recognize strong performance and commitment
  • Provide essential tools and resources needed for success
  • Encourage and make available development and training opportunities

To our trusted partners, we promise to:

  • Understand your business and core strengths
  • Combine our strengths and yours for the good of our clients
  • Turn to you when our aspirations exceed our resources
  • Make all commitments long-term, and act accordingly
  • Always think "give" first, then "receive"

To our advisory board members, we promise to:

  • Provide clarity around goals, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Create an environment that allows board members to speak freely
  • Think strategically about the future and growth of Virtual Recruiters
  • Respect input and feedback when making important decisions
  • Welcome opposing viewpoints that foster creative debate


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