{client promise}

to our CLIENTS...

We promise to:

...work in your company's best interest by taking the time and effort to understand your business and the processes that are currently in place in your organization so that we might align and complement our services to your needs and the needs of your company.

...provide services to the highest standards when managing your open positions, finding you qualified, interested, and available candidates.  We interview all applicants in-depth before sending their resume or profiles, and will not inundate you with too many resumes, but will strive to only send the very best for your review.

...communicate clearly, completely, and effectively.  We will keep in regular contact with you and keep you up to date with our progress, following through on our commitments and holding ourselves accountable for activity and results.

...align ourselves with your company's compliance and diversity programs ensuring that we support your affirmative action and EEO requirements.



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