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"Why can't I get sourcing capabilities of an executive search firm without paying astronomical fees?"

That was the question that started it all.  It seemed like a very fair question posed by a member of the executive leadership team.  Nobody had the answer.  Until now.  Our founders took a "best of the best" approach to building our company.

The Approach

Fortunately for us, they had the right combination of experience and expertise in virtually every aspect of recruiting and staffing that they were able to build from ground up a service model that addresses the two most important measurements - time-to-fill and quality of hire.  Click on the chart (.pdf) to the right to see what makes us different.

The Experience

Unlike many other recruiting resources, the principals at Virtual Recruiters have:

  • Real-world success leading talent acquisition functions

  • Best practice expertise in executive search (retained and contingency)

  • Long-term familiarity with corporate recruiting environments

  • Proven staffing approaches learned "in the trenches"

  • Expert recruiter training skills including "direct sourcing" techniques

  • Advanced internet recruiting and data mining capabilities

The Model

Our business model is closer to a management consulting firm or legal practice, except without up front retainer fees. Our rates are much more reasonable than other methods, and are primarily based on the complexity of search assignments. This rate is about the same as a company might pay sourcing or research organizations that only deliver names on a list.  And if you consider the markup costs associated with having another firm payroll senior level contract recruiters, then you can see the value proposition of using a resource with our mature recruit process, attention to candidate quality, and "do what it takes" mentality.  Not to mention we absolutely love what we do!

That is the Virtual Recruiter difference.




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