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Who we are - Recruiters committed to getting hires.  We are not academics who want to overhaul your organizations recruit process.  Our background is in executive search and corporate talent acquisition.  Our model is very simple - full life-cycle contract recruiting resources with direct sourcing capabilities.  Simple - not easy.  We believe sourcing and recruiting is a sales function and not just a transactional process.  There is an art and a science to talent acquisition and we are masters of both.

What we do - First, we understand your business.  If your open positions truly are mission critical, hard to fill, and require higher level recruiting skills, then you need Virtual Recruiters.  We will first meet with you to get an understanding of your talent acquisition needs.  Next, we will develop a custom proposal and service level agreement for your review.  Once engaged, we spend the lion's share of time sourcing, screening, presenting and closing candidates.  We work with all clients on an hourly basis and there is no up front fee to begin a project.  And most important, we keep in close contact with both the hiring manager and the candidates until the new hire is safe and sound in the new organization, delivering results.

With Virtual Recruiters, the client is assigned a designated recruiter working just on those staffing needs set forth in the scope of the project.  Each Talent Acquisition Search Consultant keeps a requisition load (usually 15-20) that is low enough to guarantee enough focus can be applied to each requisition to ensure fast delivery of high quality candidates.  We can work on-site or off-site.

How we work - We have a "leave no stone unturned" approach to sourcing high caliber talent.  There is not a magic bullet for finding your next hire.  All avenues must be researched.  That can included any or all of the following:

  • Direct "Cold Call" Sourcing

  • Internet Job Boards

  • Employee Referral Programs

  • Passive Candidate Internet Mining

  • Professional Associations

  • Directory/List Name Generation

  • Industry Networking

  • Event Marketing

The best candidates may be staring you straight in the face with a resume on Monster, or they may be hidden in another company's talent vault pumping out great work for them.  Either way, we can get to them and present your opportunity and company in the best light that peaks interest and leads to quality hires.

We work closely with your Human Resource department to facilitate possible internal activity such as employee referrals, possible re-hires, or department transitions.  We also work with candidates that you, the hiring manager, have sourced to make sure they are treated well and properly moved through the process.

Why we succeed -  Over the years, our process has been worked and reworked, honed to virtual perfection.  There is a strong focus on communication, roles, milestones, and deliverables.  Using this process ensures everyone is on the same page and understands exactly what we do and how we do it.  This guarantees accountability.

No successful endeavor should be attempted in a vacuum and we know that the value of working cross-functionally within an organization, especially in a matrixed environment, is tremendous.  That is why our process includes everyone involved in the hire, from requisition to orientation.  Our process map includes the hiring manager, the human resource representative, the interview team, the department coordinator, and even the candidate.  This approach provides a level of clarity and accountability that is usually missing in most recruiting resources.  And if everyone in the process remains diligent and proactive, the results include a reduced time to fill as well as higher conversion rates of quality candidates.



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