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VRsearch™ is our flagship service.  This targeted search solution component is designed to accomplish the precise hiring and sourcing objective within the client's specific business strategy.  A search consultant is engaged either onsite or offsite to deliver targeted recruiting services.  Provided on a contracted hourly basis, this core program offers the sourcing capability of executive search firms, the name generation expertise of research companies, the accountability of in-house staffing functions, and the flexibility of contract recruiters. 

When your recruiters are over capacity or you simply need a laser focused sourcing and recruitment campaign to generate the necessary on-target candidates, VRsearch™ is the virtually perfect solution. Within days of implementation, the hiring manager begins to receive qualified, interested, and available candidates that will quickly help to reduce the backlog of openings.

Our clients can save 40% or more with our approach versus using contingency or retained agencies.

And unlike agencies, we only submit candidates to the client for which we’re engaged, thereby minimizing competition of desirable candidates. Furthermore, by providing these services on a contracted hourly rate, the entire list of applicants are available for hire to our clients without any additional fees applied.  This allows for multiple hires at no additional cost.

Since there are no engagement fees or setup charges, you the client will be able to immediately assess Virtual Recruiters quality and commitment.  Each project is executed against clear Service Level Agreements and rigorous project management disciplines. This approach optimizes performance and maximizes our clients ROI.

Our base targeted search rates are much more reasonable than other methods, and are based on difficulty and uniqueness of the specific job requisitions.  This rate is about the same as sourcing or research organizations that only deliver names on a list.  And if you consider the markup costs associated with having another firm payroll senior level contract recruiters, then you can see the value proposition of using a resource with our mature recruit process, attention to candidate quality, and "do what it takes" mentality.  Not to mention we absolutely love what we do!

If you would like to discuss in detail how the VRsearch™ process works, contact us immediately.


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