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{pipeline development}

VR pipeline affords hiring managers the ability to have access to prospect information to be used in future hiring efforts by utilizing contact management software to capture contact and candidate data during initial screening and networking.  When Virtual Recruiters begins a recruit campaign for a particular search, a database is created to pro-actively capture passive candidates with skills and experiences aligned with the current requisition as well as future opportunities within the organization. 

Not to be confused with applicant tracking, where a system is used to document and store data for all interested individuals within the recruit funnel, pipeline development captures information on prospects and resources that are not interested at the time of contact but who possess very specific knowledge and competency in a hard to fill talent criteria.

"The information captured during this critical step in the recruit process is probably the most value added feature ever included in any external search solution."

Search consultants typically use this information to establish a network of contacts, candidates or resources for future opportunities.  Names, contact information, job title/descriptions, and conversation details are entered into a talent relationship management system that can be exported into files and delivered after the search assignment has been successfully completed.  These files can either stand alone or be imported into a clients own candidate pool. 

VR pipeline empowers a client to be more proactive in there search practices even after Virtual Recruiters engagements end.  Especially valuable for ongoing talent needs such as sales, engineering, and development, this service is only available as an add-on to our targeted search solution.


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