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"The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."                                                                       - John Ruskin

Our goal is to make sure each employee has the training necessary to meet our clients' needs as well as the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Our Search Consultants are provided exceptional developmental opportunities as they move along the career path. These include extensive training, mentoring support, a breadth of assignments in a variety of industries, and a level of leadership experience that will increase with their recruiting skills.   Search Consultants never stop learning. 

Our comprehensive training programs include:

  • Recruiter Boot Camp Basics
  • Direct Sourcing Skills
  • Pipeline Development Expertise
  • Passive Search Strategies
  • Performance Based Interviewing Tools
  • Behavioral Interview Best Practices
  • Advanced Internet Recruiting Trends
  • Offer Negotiations and Closing Techniques
  • Project Management Coursework

This development program, consisting of both formal and on-the-job training, ensures that throughout your career with Virtual Recruiters, you will always be thoroughly prepared for the new challenges you will face. 


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