"Building trust, one requisition at a time."                                                                - company motto

At Virtual Recruiters our mission is clear and unequivocal: we partner with leading corporations to acquire quality talent for mission critical roles that will impact business results.  Simply put, we help managers hire good people.

We accomplish this objective through an innovative approach that combines the sourcing capability of executive search firms, the accountability of in-house staffing functions, and the flexibility of contract recruiters. 

Our search consultants are known for their relationship-driven, results-oriented approach to working with clients.  As well, they interface with the hiring manager, the candidate, and the Human Resource partner through the full-life cycle of the recruiting process.  This ensures effective communication and better conversion rates of qualified, available, and interested world class talent.

"We’re the only high value talent acquisition search consultants with full service capabilities. That means we can do much more than just work with clients to source and screen.  We become employment branding partners that can articulate their strategic direction.  Finally, there is a recruiting solution that takes into account what the business issues really are, and delivers - virtually - flawless execution."

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